EMBRC offers a range of on-site and remote services to support basic and applied marine biology and ecology research. These services are provided by marine stations and institutes in EMBRC's member countries

For any general questions about using EMBRC services, please contact access@embrc.eu

See below to understand the steps involved in applying for and using our services.

The application process illustrated

Access request

Are you a researcher, team/organisation in need of a facility or biological resource(s)? If so, you can submit a request to EMBRC (see our service catalogue). Coming soon: EMBRC access portal, stay tuned! 

Eligibility & ethical check

Your request is checked for compliance with our mission and ethics policy.

Feasibility check

Your project is checked for feasibility by our local ‘access officers’ (at site level).

Experiment preparation

We discuss the project with you in detail. If needed, you modify the experimental design.

Service provision

The service is delivered to you at the site of your choice or remotely.