The Marine Training platform, started in 2013, is a an EMBRC service platform dedicated to marine and maritime education and training. EMBRC is a pan-European 'research infrastructure' for marine biology and ecology research. With its services, it aims to answer fundamental questions regarding the health of oceanic ecosystems in a changing environment. Training the next generation as well as retraining the current generation of 'blue workers' is one of the infrastructure's key goals. This Marine Training platform hopes to give answer to trainees in search of training and trainers looking for support.

The primary goal during the redesign process was to implement a new responsive design, extend the data coverage, and strongly increase usability by foreseeing multi-lingual interfaces and distributed data-entry and maintenance modules. 

The first version of the portal was mainly oriented to European educational programmes. In the past months a major effort for retrieving and entering more global data was made. The new website contains programmes and courses from all over the world, including 2,305 programmes and 65 short courses offered by 637 organising institutes from 55 countries.

MarineTraining 2.0 will contain information on programmes and courses. In the future it will have an additional section on training resources, online learning tools, and more.

Keep up-to-date on the latest marine and maritime courses and programmes in the world. We hope you enjoy the new look!

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