One full-time researcher (m/w/x) – 50% Assistant Professor tenure track (UGent) and 50% Work Leader SW2 (RBINS) in marine ecology

EMBRC Belgium partner Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS – Operational Directorate Natural Environment) and the Department of Biology of Ghent University are initiating a research profile within the domain of marine ecology. 

The function consists of developing and conducting research into the relationship between functional diversity of marine ecosystems and ecosystem stability, through a combination of experimental research and ecological modelling. The position is placed within the FED-tWIN research profile METRIC (Marine EcosysTem Responses In a multiple pressures Context; FED-tWIN-profile Prf-2020-009), which focuses on the interchange of food web research and research into biogeochemical processes through a holistic approach. Pressure on marine ecosystems and ecosystem services is rising sharply as a result of Global Change (including warming, ocean acidification, etc.) and local human activities (including fishing, sand extraction, extraction of nodules).

Although it is becoming increasingly clear that the interactions between the intrinsic ecological dynamics and the combined effects of disturbance can lead to a loss of resilience and an increasing risk of regime shifts, predicting that loss of resilience due to disturbance remains a challenge. Within METRIC, therefore, theoretical ecological concepts will be explored in a marine context. This work should lead to the merger of various lines of research aimed at explaining biological patterns, and the development of predictive models that estimate the consequences of cumulative global and local pressures on the resilience of the marine system. In this way the research will contribute to sustainable development, use and management of marine ecosystems.


This position is part of the FED-tWIN program of the federal science policy, which aims to combine and mutually reinforce the expertise of a federal scientific institution and a university through the funding of a long-term research project. The METRIC project (FED-tWIN-profile Prf-2020-009) is a joint initiative of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and GhentUniversity with Prof. Dr. Steven Degraer (RBINS) and Prof. Dr. Ann Vanreusel (UGent) as promoters. The position consists of a part-time position at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and a part-time position at Ghent University. The candidate must be willing to hold both parttime positions and must also apply for both positions. Applying to only one of the two half-time positions is not possible.

Applications are due before 3 December 2021.

Sabrina Gaber
Communication Officer

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