The second EMO BON sampling takes place in August 2021! Observatories are collecting samples from the water column and soft substrates using EMO BON standardised protocols. EMO BON observatories are collecting rich metadata with every sampling campaign. 

What's EMO BON? EMBRC's new project (launched June 2021), the European Marine Omics Biodiversity Observation Network (EMO BON) aims to enhance the European contribution to global genomic observation efforts. EMO BON will start to fill current gaps in biological observation, while offering insights into the genetic composition of marine biodiversity. 

Its primary aim is to ensure steady, continuous generation of ‘baseline’ data on biodiversity at EMBRC sites following FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data principles. EMO BON will ultimately provide Europe with a means to monitor and understand its marine biodiversity. This in turn will facilitate the development of new products and services for society.

Sabrina Gaber
Communication Officer

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23 Nov 2021

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