The ISIDORe project has launched two calls for transnational access (TNA) for projects focusing on:
a.    SARS-CoV-2 virus and newly identified variants (call open until funding is available)
b.    monkeypox virus (pre-application deadline: August 5th, 2022)

Find below the eligibility conditions of the calls, which services EMBRC offers and the guidelines to apply to the TNA calls.

Eligibility conditions and deadlines

  • Scientists from academic institutions and private companies from European and non-European countries
  • Scientists can only apply to services outside of their country of residence
  • Scientists need to be free to disseminate the results generated in their project (unless they work for SMEs).
  • The TNA calls will remain open as long as funding is available

To apply for free funded access to EMBRC services for any of these two TNA calls, please follow the steps indicated below.

a.    Guidelines to apply to the TNA call related to research on the SARS-CoV-2 

IMPORTANT: before filling the form in the ISIDORE TNA webpage, please be in contact with our access officer, Davide Di Cioccio (, explaining the aim of your research and the EMBRC partner you wish to apply for. 

1.    Select the EMBRC service of your interest and then click on the associated link (in blue) indicated in the “service category” from the table below:

EMBRC service partner service category service subcategory
Natural compound libraries from different marine organisms (bacteria, fungi, sponges) SZN (Italy) Support for the development of small molecule therapeutics Natural compound libraries

Matrix customized methods (e.g. non-human samples) and multiplexed pathogen detection. Development/application of rapid, low cost, high throughput molecular methods for population screening

CCMAR (Portugal) Support for the development of diagnostics Matrix customized methods (e.g. non-human samples) and multiplexed pathogen detection
Non-conventional screening models for toxicity and ecotoxicity assays (zebrafish eggs, invertebrates and microalgae) CCMAR (Portugal) Cell model – well differentiated and/or polarised cell systems Non-conventional screening models for toxicity and ecotoxicity assays
Models for vaccine immunogenicity studies (zebrafish embryos and early larvae, invertebrates for immunogenicity / innocuity screening).

Disease screening models (transgenic zebrafish embryos and early larvae)
CCMAR (Portugal) Models for vaccine immunogenicity studies -

2.    A specific ISIDORe TNA webpage will appear. Scroll down at the bottom of the page: in the form, in the field “Select your service category” please choose the service category indicated in the table above. If necessary please indicate the service subcategory.
3.    Please fill the other fields of the form accordingly.
4.    As soon as you have submitted the application, you will receive an email with an ISIDORe project ID number (ISID_XXXX) 
5.    To complete your application, please email our access officer at with your ISIDORe ID number as subject. We will provide you with further guidance for your service request and will assist you with the procedure.

b.    Guidelines for the TNA call related to research on the Monkeypox virus
IMPORTANT: pre-application deadline is the 5th August 2022. 

1.    To start your application, please visit the ISIDORe Monkeypox TNA Call page.
2.    Fill in the pre-application form. You will be asked to select the most suitable TNA topic for your research and provide a description of your project and the service required for your project. You can indicate in the text that you wish to apply for access to EMBRC services.
3.    After submitting the pre-application form, you will receive a notification with the assigned ISIDORe project ID number. The ISIDORe team will then reach out to you to discuss capacities and services required for the project, and if feasible provide additional guidelines for the preparation of the full application to EMBRC.

If you have any questions regarding the TNA calls of the ISIDORe project please contact us at

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