Marine Scientist Monday

Who are the scientists who shaped modern marine biology? What were their contributions and what is their lasting impact? Our guest editor, Ibon Cancio from Plentzia Marine Station (PiE-UPV/EHU - part of EMBRC Spain), takes us through history to bring you some of marine biology's greats.

Model Organism of the Month

Understanding the inner workings of marine organisms provides insight into the workings of other organisms - including humans! These insights can lead to important scientific discoveries, the development of novel therapies, biotechnological innovation, and more! Learn about a new model organism from the sea every month.
Model Organism of the Month
Seahorses: not your average fish!

The seahorse: it might not come to mind when you think of model organisms, but it has potential interesting applications!

01 Jun 2021

The Sea and Me

How do oceans and seas affect my daily life and the world around me, and how do I affect them? Click on the boxes below to find out interesting facts about the world below, and how it interacts with the world above - and why furthering our knowledge of the oceans and seas is so important.
The Sea and Me
Horseshoe crab blood

Did you know that horseshoe crabs’ milky-blue blood is key to making COVID-19 vaccine?!

15 Dec 2020
The Sea and Me
Ocean’s contributions to human health

Today we focus on the ocean’s contributions to human health. Did you know that many of the ocean’s treasures have served as models for human...

12 Oct 2020
The Sea and Me
COVID-19 & the sea

The sea may hold the answer to diagnosing (and treating or even curing?!) COVID-19 and other medical conditions.

17 Aug 2020
The Sea and Me
The surprising benefits of iodine

Sea water and sea air contain a mineral called iodine which has multiple benefits for human health, from acting as a bactericide to healing wounds and...

27 Jul 2020
The Sea and Me
There's algae in my ice cream?!

EMBRC is rolling out a campaign called #SeaAndMe to raise awareness of how the sea/marine life is related to our everyday lives. Every Monday tell us...

06 Jul 2020