E-Infrastructure | EMBRC


EMBRC aims to establish a common e-infrastructure for processing, curating, analyzing and storing marine data.The e-infrastructure will comprise clusters for both storage and computing. Software and bioinformatics technical support will be available for EMBRC users and include support with sequence assembly, annotation, statistical, phylogenetic and other analyses.

There is a well-recognised and increasing dearth of expertise relating to bioinformatics analysis and biological interpretation of omics data among European institutions. In particular, there are increasing training needs in the areas of annotation, curation, assembly, genome structure and experimental design and statistics. There is also a perceived lack of integration of dispersed resources and an increasing need for standardization of marine data collection and analysis.

EMBRC will support the development of coordinated data handling tools and expertise. EMBRC will promote e-infrastructure interoperability and standardisation in order to deal with large volumes of different types of data generated by marine research and enhance collaboration between marine scientists and bioinformaticians /IT specialists. EMBRC aims to establish close links with research infrastructures for biological data and bioinformatics such as ELIXIR and recognized data repositories such as EurOBIS, LifeWatch and PANGAEA.


Image credit: © IMBBC-HCMR