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Technology Platforms

EMBRC will provide access to the latest technologies and high standard facilities and equipment for the conduction of both fundamental and applied research. EMBRC strives to be responsive to the requirements of its users and to changing priorities and societal challenges.

Aquarium and Culture platforms:

Aquaria and culture facilities for both micro- and macroorganisms are at the heart of a marine research centre. A substantial range of facilities for maintenance, culture and experimental work on polar, cold, cool temperate, warm temperate and sub-tropical species will be provided. The facilities include mesocosms and equipment for the manipulation of environmental parameters (e.g., temperature, pH, and light) for experimental purposes.

Imaging and Microscopy platforms:

Latest equipment in imaging and microscopy are essential for the study of marine organisms and to solve specific biological questions. EMBRC bio-imaging platforms comprise equipment for scanning and transmission electron microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy and state-of-the-art image analysis. The platforms also include the required sample preparation facilities for e.g., cryo-preservation, thin sectioning and staining.

Omics platforms:

Omics technologies, represented by genomics (DNA), transcriptomics (RNA), proteomics (proteins) and metabolomics (metabolites) increasingly underpin advances in basic biology, biomedicine and marine biotechnology. Specific examples include exceptional advances in understanding phylogenetic and evolutionary processes, developmental biology and signaling. Omics approaches also have the potential to unlock a deeper understanding of ecological and biogeochemical processes and to provide better resolution of information at all levels from the molecular scale to the population level.

Many advances in marine biotechnology are underpinned by omics technologies. Omics technologies allow scientists to study organisms and systems that were not previously tractable. Omics technologies also provide a solution to overcome the problem of studying marine species that cannot be cultured in the laboratory.

EMBRC will work towards the development of standardized omics related technologies specific for marine organisms, such as sample preparation, storage, quality control and validation. By providing the latest omics technologies and services, EMBRC aims to underpin the blue biotechnologies.

EMBRC will provide the suitable equipment and services for element analyses and extraction, identification, characterization and quantification of biological molecules including proteins and metabolites.

The available analytical platforms include sequencing, mass spectrometry, (flow) cytometry, crystallography, and magnetic resonance.



Image credit: Molecular biology facility © SAMS