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Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN)

The Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn was founded in 1873 by the German zoologist Anton Dohrn. The main building is located in the Villa Comunale and operates a historic aquarium open to the general public. The Benthic Ecology laboratory is at Ischia Porto (Naples) and the Turtle point at Bagnoli (Naples).

Mission and research
The mission of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn is scientific research in marine biology including the study of the biology of marine organisms and their interactions with the environment. Particular research focus is on animal physiology and evolution, cellular and developmental biology, ecology and evolution of plankton and functional and evolutionary ecology.

Marine facilities
Three coastal research vessels for SCUBA diving and sampling; access includes all onboard research equipment, an ROV, and technical support from vessel crew. Research divers operate a scuba diving service.

Laboratories and Platforms
"Wet" platforms include, climate-controlled rooms, and 100 tanks with filtered, cooled and UV-sterilized local seawater. Services exist for sampling and maintenance of marine organisms, molecular biology (Sanger automated sequencing, NGS high throughput sequencing, robotic platform for high throughput sample handling, bioinformatics), digital imaging (SEM, TEM, light and confocal microscopy, and image elaboration), flow-cytometry, plankton identification, in-situ hybridization, a library and an IT service. Visitors have access to all services, including administration. Service platforms and research laboratories are managed and operated by dedicated staff available for training visitors.

Main marine models
SZN has extensive experience with collecting and maintaining model species and performing multidisciplinary research on these organisms: cephalochordates (Amphioxus), turtles (Caretta), tunicates (Ciona), cephalopods, copepods, sea urchins, sea grass (Posidonia), diatoms, and planktonic microalgae.

Special partnerships
Open University PhD program.


Research topics: 
  1. Marine organisms and biodiversity
  2. Biological evolution
  3. Ecosystem dynamics