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Commercial interest on sea cucumber species from the NE Atlantic and the Mediterranean is increasing.

The effect of two anesthetics, 2-phenoxyethanol (2-PE) and clove oil (COil) were studied in meagre, Argyrosomus regius.

The full expression of growth potential in fish larvae largely depends on an efficient protein utilization, which requires that all the indispensable amino acids (...

The highly valuable red coral Corallium rubrum is listed in several Mediterranean Conventions for species protection and management since the 1980s.

The seagrass Halophila stipulacea is a Lessepsian migrant that has spread from the Red Sea into the Mediterranean Sea where some authors consider it invasive.

Seagrasses colonized the sea(1) on at least three independent occasions to form the basis of one of the most productive and widespread coastal ecosystems on the...

The present study aimed to investigate the response of macrobenthic assemblages along a gradient of metal contamination using a combination of uni- and multivariate...

Past climate-driven range shifts shaped intraspecific diversities of species world-wide.

Understanding the factors that affect seagrass meadows encompassing their entire range of distribution is challenging yet important for their conservation.