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ERIC Forum - ERIC Forum Implementation Project

ERIC Forum

ERIC Forum Implementation project

Topic: H2020-INFRASUPP-2018-2020         
Type of Action: CSA Coordination and Support Action      
Start date: 2019

Duration: 48 months
Total requested grant by consortium:1495281,25 €

Name of coordinating organisation: BBMRI ERIC

Benefit/tasks for EMBRC-ERIC:  

EMBRC will partake in the development of sustainability plans as well as providing insight into the process and nuances of becoming an ERIC. EMBRC will also benefit from having resources to continue being an ERIC.

ERIC – European Research Infrastructure Consortium – is a European legal instrument specifically created for European multi-side and multi-country owned Research Infrastructures (RI) in 2009. Since then 18 ERICs have been created in almost all different scientific domains. The European Commission (EC) had initiated an informal networking event, twice a year, where Managers of existing ERICs and scientists of future RI who want to use the ERIC instrument can discuss shared challenges and meet also national policy makers establishing a platform for exchange of solutions and best practises. With the H2020 call“INFRASUPP-01-2018-2019 Policy and international cooperation measures for research infrastructures” the EC is willing t fund a project for more formal and structural collaboration and coordination of ERICs. This project is set up by all existing ERICs and those consortia, which have at least submitted their Stage-1 application to implement the objectives of the call:

• aim at strengthening coordination and networking reinforcing the informal ERIC network or its successor framework;

• support the organisation of specific meetings, targeted thematic workshops focussing on shared challenges such as the development of internal procurement rules, harmonised reporting, VAT exemption practices, insurances and pensions policies and training of governance bodies representatives;

• support ERICs in preparation, based on best practices;

• support common communication and outreach activities and strengthening external representation of ERICs' as a stakeholder in consultations and other policy actions that could affect them.

List of Participants

Biobanks And Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure Consortium (Bbmri-Eric) 

At ;Ceric-Eric It ;Cessda As No ; Clarin Eric Nl ;Digital Research Infrastructure For The Arts And Humanities Fr ; Eatris Eric Nl ; Eccsel European Research Infrastructure Consortium No ; Ecrin European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network Fr ; European Multidisciplinary Seafloorand Water Column Observatory - European Research Infrastructure Consortium (Emso Eric) It ; European Social Survey European Research Infrastructure Consortium Uk ; Euro-Argo Eric Fr ; European Spallation Source Eric Se ; Integrated Carbon Observation System European Research Infrastructure Consortium Fi ; Joint Institute For Very Long Baseline Interferometry As A European Research Infrastructure Consortium (Jiv-Eric) Nl ; Instruct Academic Services Limited Uk ;  E-Science European Infrastructure For Biodiversity And Ecosystem Research (Lifewatch Eric) Es ; European Research Infrastructure Consortium For The Survey Of Health, Ageing And Retirement In Europe De ; Infrafrontier Gmbh De ; European Molecular Biology Laboratory De ; Embrc-Eric Fr ; Forschungsverbund Berlin Ev De ; Ceric-Eric It

2019.02 to 2019.07

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