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Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ)


VLIZ was founded in 1999 to create a clearly identifiable point of contact in Flanders in order to increase the visibility of marine scientific research among the regional as well as the international community. Over the years, the institute has grown in its role of supporting organization of marine scientific research in Flanders. As a result of the international success of VLIZm several European and multilateral organisations opened their offices in Ostend in association with VLIZ. At present, the IODE project office of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission IOC of UNESCO, the European Marine Board, Provinciaal Ankerpunt Kust and the secretariat of the European Marine Observation and Data Network EMODnet are housed under the same roof as VLIZ.

Mission and research:
 •    Initiate, support, promote and implement innovative and multidisciplinary marine research for the benefit of, in collaboration with or to Flemish and international marine research groups.
 •    Promote the national and international image of Flemish marine research.
 •    Serve as a national and international point of contact in the field of marine research.
 •    Promote ocean literacy in Flanders and marine research visibility among the general public.
 •    Provide tailored scientific data, information, knowledge and insights to the Flemish marine research community, the blue economy and policymakers with regard to marine matters.

Main Services

 •    Provision of Biological resources and culture collections

 •    Access to ecosystems
 •    Access to intertidal and subtidal, marine and estuarine soft sediments and pelagic environments
 •    VLIZ maintains a coastal research vessel (RV Simon Stevin), and a RIB (Zeekat)
 •    ROV  Genesis
 •    Scientific diving team
 •    National pool of marine scientific instruments (VPR, flow cytometer, SPI...)
 •    Offshore data buoy    

 •    Technology platforms

 •    Experimental facilities
 •    Wet and dry labs
 •    mesocosms for sediment, water or organism incubation
 •    fish tanks
 •    Water conditioning facilities (O2, pH, temperature...)

 •    Training and education
 •    Staff will provide training in the use of the platforms and technologies and assist, if needed, with experimental design and troubleshooting

 •    E-infrastructures and associate services
 •    long - term datasets and sample collection
 •    Flanders Marine Data Centre (hosts for EMODNET, WoRMS...)
 •    VLIZ Marine Library
 •    Open Marine Archive (OMA)

 •    Supporting facilities
 •    Conference and teaching facilities
 •    Video-conferencing facilities
 •    Numerous hotels and B&Bs within walking distance. Staff will recommend locations for short/longer stays
 •    Off-road vehicle
 •    Core repository for drill cores
 •    Technical workshop

Research topics: 

Coordination and information platform for marine and coastal scientific research.

Jan Mees
Flemish Governmentm, Dept EconomyM Science and Innovation
Wandelaarkaai 7
8400 Oostende
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