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Opportunity for Research on Sharks in South Africa


Opportunity for Research on Sharks in South Africa

The Shark & Marine Research Institute is currently recruiting volunteers to be involved in groundbreaking marine research for 2019 & 2020!

The Shark & Marine Research Institute in South Africa is an NPO that is dedicated to protecting and conserving shark and ray populations, and safeguarding the health and vitality of our oceans.

It presents an exciting opportunity available for students or post-graduates who are looking to gain some hands on experience in the field of marine biology (and particularly elasmobranch research) by volunteering with our organisation in Gansbaai, South Africa - the great white shark capital of the world.

This is an opportunity for early-career scientists to be involved in groundbreaking marine research! Volunteers assist us with data collection and will gain valuable skills on board our vessels and in the field. Volunteer duties and responsibilities will involve the following:

  • Learn about the Great White Shark and other shark species and, in turn, educate clients onboard our cage diving vessel about these incredible creatures, with the aim of shifting negative perceptions and enlightening the public about their beauty and the critical role they play in maintaining the health of our oceans.
  • Collect data aboard our cage diving vessel and research vessel pertaining to Great White Sharks, which contributes towards our white shark dorsal fin identification study and growth rate study, and is analyzed to enhance our understanding of the populations of these enigmatic creatures.
  • Join catch and release surveys on our research vessel and learn how to ethically catch, tag, measure, sample and release the smaller sharks along our coastline, many of which are data deficient. (Please note: we do not tag Great Whites at this stage.)
  • Learn how to deploy baited remote underwater video systems (BRUVs) and how to analyze the videos collected.
  • Participate in beach cleanups and community education initiatives.

Positions are available for a period of two weeks up to three months; longer stays are subject to additional visa requirements.


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