The Marine Organism Taxonomy (MOTax) Service will provide specialized services of taxonomy, including:

  • morphological and molecular identification of specimens
  • isolation and farming/cultivation of target marine organisms
  • access to and supply of certified marine organisms
  • revision and update of checklists
  • training and courses

To launch MOTax, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN) organized in Naples a kickoff workshop on 26 and 27 October 2016 to which participated more than hundred taxonomists from all over Italy. The participants agreed on the importance of taxonomy in a wide range of research fields, e.g. biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and environmental impact assessments. An important result of the October workshop was the release of the "Naples Declaration", in which the Italian taxonomic community expressed its position concerning the application in Italy of the Nagoya Protocol for marine genetic resources (MOTax_Naples_Declaration_signed.pdf).

MOTax starts as a national distributed service in EMBRC-IT, but aims to become a reference platform for marine taxonomy in EMBRC as a whole. SZN, the headquarter of EMBRC-IT, in collaboration with other partners of the EMBRC-IT Joint Research Unit, will provide a common portfolio of taxonomic facilities and skills to private and public stakeholders.

A MOTax newsletter has been created to disseminate and share different types of information related to taxonomy (publications, events, courses, calls, etc.) within the national and international community. The first issue is dedicated to the First MOTax Workshop and it can be downloaded at (Newsletter-motax-issue0).  The newsletter will be published quarterly.

For more information:

Paola Cirino, Coordinator MOTax


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