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ENVRIplus is a Horizon 2020 project bringing together Environmental and Earth System Research Infrastructures

Develop pipelines to establish harmonised databases integrating genomic, transcriptomic and morphological data for selected marine metazoan developmental model...

Metabolic engineering and selective breeding approaches in the picoalga Ostreococcus tauri

**CLOSED** Project Manager for the “Preparatory Phase 2 of the European Marine Biology Resource Centre”

On September 1, 2015 the CORBEL cluster projects started to establish common research infrastructure to support Europe's biomedical research community

**CLOSED** The EMBRC Administrative Assistant and Executive Director’s Personal Assistant will perform a variety of general office duties to support the operations of...

**CLOSED** Vacancy for a “Knowledge Fellow” position at the Roscoff Marine Biological Station for a period of two years in the context of the H2020...

**CLOSED** Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates on 7 projects at the Stazione Zoologica 'Anton Dohrn' Naples Italy

The first results from the 4-year long TARA Oceans expedition were published in a special issue of the journal Science