Institute of Marine Research (IMAR) | EMBRC

Institute of Marine Research (IMAR)

Provides access to underwater observatories and in situ laboratories in seamount, hydrothermal vents, coastal ecosystems, aquaria facilities, scientific diving and ships.

Research topics: 
  1. Pelagic halieutic resources (tuna and other nektonic fish species)
  2. Trophic chains in the ocean
  3. Biology and population dynamics
  4. Ichtyo-demersal resources (main fish species with commercial value in the Azores)
  5. Biology and genetics of oceanic squids
  6. Biology and dynamics of seamount species
  7. General ecology and behaviour of fishes and invertebrates from littoral communities
  8. Ecology of seabird communities
  9. Observation and numerical modeling of the oceanic Azores Front/Current System
  10. Oceanography of submarine banks and islands
  11. Numerical modeling of marine dispersion and impacts
  12. Ocean climate and mesoscale variability
  13. Ecotoxicology of heavy metals in the ocean
  14. Ecology of shallow and deep-sea hydrothermal vents