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Preparation (2011-2014)

PREPARATION (2011-2014)

EMBRC emerged from the project ASSEMBLE, a project based on nine marine research stations, which was funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme between May 2009 and October 2014. ASSEMBLE focused on the provision of transnational access for researchers and also initiated some joint research and networking activities between project partners.

The preparatory phase of EMBRC (ppEMBRC) was funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme between February 2011 and February 2014. In the preparatory phase, EMBRC had 13 partners in eight countries and seven associate partners in seven countries.

In the three years of preparation, the fundaments of EMBRC were laid by developing a business plan, governance structure, and blueprint for the future operation of the infrastructure.

In total, 190 persons (88 women, 102 men) were actively involved in the preparatory phase, among them Work Package coordinators and officers, assistants, and members of the Steering Committee and General Assembly. About 70 persons were fully or partially employed on the ppEMBRC budget. In addition to the active members, there were eight members in the International Advisory Board and eleven members in the Reference User Group.


Governance structure of ppEMBRC:

The EMBRC preparatory phase was initially coordinated and managed by the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN), Italy and from 2013 onwards by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and SZN.


Members of the ppEMBRC Steering Committee

  • Prof. Mike Thorndyke (Chair), SE
  • Prof. Bernard Kloareg, FR
  • Prof. Adelino Canario, PT
  • Prof. Ian Johnston, UK
  • Prof. Antonis Magoulas, GR
  • Prof. Amatzia Genin, IS
  • Prof. Hans Pörtner, DE
  • Prof. Lucas Stal, NL


The preparatory phase was realized through 11 Work Packages (WP)

WP1: Management

WP2: Strategic plans

WP3: E-infrastructure plans

WP4: Infrastructure construction

WP5: Legal work

WP6: Financial work

WP7: Risk management

WP8: Human resources planning

WP9: Consolidation of EMBRC, embedding with stakeholders and the wider community

WP10: User access

WP11: Communication and education


Key documents of the preparatory phase

EMBRC Business Plan

EMBRC Scientific Strategy Report

EMBRC Document of Work


Selection of other ppEMBRC documents

Policy Document on the vision, scope and structure of EMBRC (D1.8)

Report on key thematic areas (D2.1)

Strategic report on new infrastructure requirements (D2.3)

Plan for the requirements of the EMBRC e-infrastructure (D3.3)

EMBRC infrastructure roadmap report 2013 (D4.3)

European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) Memorandum of Understanding (D5.5)

Plan for risk management and QA&IA system for EMBRC construction and operation phases (D7.7)

Socio-economic impact assessment of the EMBRC (D8.5)

Human resources plan (D8.6)

Criteria and processes for integration of new partners (D9.5)

Mutualising access with other ESFRI infrastructures (D10.5)

Training and education trends in the blue economy (D11.9)

Plans for digital library (D11.10)