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The European Marine Biological Resource Centre is a distributed research infrastructure with a central hub/headquarter responsible for the coordination and centralised management of the infrastructure, and national nodes in EMBRC-ERIC member countries, which will provide services to the EMBRC-ERIC user community.

The EMBRC-ERIC headquarters are currently set up in Paris, France.

In the implementation phase (2014-2017), EMBRC is governed by an Implementation Board (EIB) consisting of two representatives per EMBRC member country.

The EMBRC Implementation Board (EIB):

Administrative representatives

  • Chair: Inmaculada Figueroa Rojas, Spain
  • Vice Chair: Eric Guittet, France
  • Vice Chair: Salvatore La Rosa, Italy
  • David Cox, Belgium
  • Maria Koutrokoi, Greece
  • Ilana Lowi, Israel
  • Cristiana Leandro, Portugal
  • Odd Ivar Eriksen, Norway
  • Colin Moffat, United Kingdom


Scientific representatives

  • Ann Vanreusel, Belgium
  • Bertrand Meyer, France
  • Antonis Magoulas, Greece
  • Amatzia Genin, Israel
  • Roberto Danovaro, Italy
  • Arild Folkvord, Norway
  • Adelino Canário, Portugal
  • Antonio Villanueva / Ibon Cancio, Spain
  • David Paterson, United Kingdom

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