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The European Marine Biological Resource Centre is a distributed research infrastructure with a central hub/headquarter responsible for the coordination and centralised management of the infrastructure, and national nodes in EMBRC-ERIC member countries, which provides services to the EMBRC-ERIC user community.

The EMBRC-ERIC headquarters are set up at Jussieu Campus, Sorbonne Université (Paris, France).

EMBRC is governed by the General Assembly which is composed of two representatives (one scientific and one administrative) per EMBRC member country.


The General Assembly

Scientific representatives

David Paterson (Chair) Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland MASTS
Adelino Canário (Vice-chair)  Centre of Marine Sciences CCMAR
Gert Verreet Departement Economie, Wetenschap en Innovatie Flemish Government
José Manuel García Estevez  University of Vigo UVIGO
Bertrand Meyer Sorbonne Université SU
Antonis Magoulas Hellenic Centre for Marine Research HCMR
Simon Berkowicz Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences IUI
Roberto Danovaro                Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn SZN
Amund Maage University of Bergen UiB


Administrative representatives

Eric Guittet (Vice-chair) Ministry of Higher Education and Research                  MESR
Koen Lefever Belgian Science Policy Office BELSPO
Inmaculada Figueroa Rojas  Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness MINESCO
Stylianos Kastrinakis Hellenic Centre for Marine Research HCMR
Moshe Ben-Sasson Ministry of Science, Technology and Space MOST
Grazia Pavoncello Ministry of Education and Science MIUR
Christine Daae Olsen Research Council of Norway RCN
Marta Abrantes Ministry of Education and Science FCT
Ian Davies Marine Scotland MBA


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