Organization | EMBRC


The European Marine Biological Resource Centre is a distributed research infrastructure with a central hub/headquarter responsible for the coordination and centralised management of the infrastructure, and national nodes in EMBRC member countries, which will provide services to the EMBRC user community.

The EMBRC headquarters are currently set up in Paris, France.

In the implementation phase (2014-2016), the EMBRC is governed by an Implementation Board consisting of two members per EMBRC member country.

The EMBRC Implementation Board

Administrative representatives

  • Chair: Inmaculada Figueroa Rojas, Spain
  • Vice Chair: Eric Guittet, France
  • Vice Chair: Salvatore La Rosa, Italy
  • David Cox, Belgium
  • Maria Koutrokoi, Greece
  • Ilana Lowi, Israel
  • Cristiana Leandro, Portugal
  • Odd Ivar Eriksen, Norway
  • Colin Moffat, United Kingdom

Scientific representatives

  • Ann Vanreusel, Belgium
  • Bertrand Meyer, France
  • Antonis Magoulas, Greece
  • Amatzia Genin, Israel
  • Roberto Danovaro, Italy
  • Arild Folkvord, Norway
  • Adelino Canário, Portugal
  • Jesús Troncoso, Spain
  • David Paterson, United Kingdom