Goals and Objectives | EMBRC

Goals and Objectives

EMBRC aims to:

  1. Become a major European provider of marine biological research facilities, resources and services. By providing a single access point to world-class platforms and resources otherwise beyond physical and financial reach, EMBRC will benefit the whole of the research community, from academic to commercial users.
  2. Secure the long-term maintenance and strategic development of the infrastructure to support top-level marine biological research and its applications.
  3. Provide co-ordination and leadership through a strong management structure, joint development activities, scientific and strategic meetings and workshops that will catalyse research partnerships, and inform future funding initiatives and infrastructure requirements.
  4. Foster mobility of European researchers between member states and between industry and academia.
  5. Ensure standardisation of data collection, storage and transmission, workflows and training along with implementation of best practice in research methodologies and technologies.
  6. Development of a knowledge and technology transfer platform to help facilitate innovation. Support the blue economy through employment and by improving the conditions to generate an applied service or product from a research discovery.
  7. Advertise, promote and enhance training in marine science.
  8. Identify and interact with important stakeholders at regional, national, European, international and global level.
  9. Enhance communication between academia and industry, policy and the public.

EMBRC and Blue Biotechnology:

  • EMBRC aims to improve the pipelines from research discovery to applied product and service amongst others through fostering (i) joint development activites among its partners, (ii) interdisciplinary research, (iii) interactions between academia and industry, (iv) collaboration with stakeholders and (v) investment in training.
  • EMBRC will push forward the establishment of new model organisms for both basic research and biotechnological applications.
  • By working across peripheral maritime regions, national, European and international levels, EMBRC will help to develop blue biotechnologies.