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EMBRC-ERIC actively fosters links with cognate RIs, for example via the INFRADEV-4 cluster projects EMBRIC, ENVRI Plus, CORBEL.

An EMBRC-ERIC representative currently vice-chairs the BMS group of RIs, former Biomedbridges, providing coherence to the Health and Food RI structure. Through these mechanisms, EMBRC-ERIC will foster interoperability and synergies to contribute to a comprehensive European RI service provision.
Examples include:

  • Building pipeline services to allow users smart access to a chain of complementary services;
  • Sharing procedures, databases and protocols will aid users and contribute to the interoperability and standardisation of data across the European RI landscape;
  • Shared organisation of workshops, in particular on standardisation and shared best practice guidelines;
  • Coordination of activities regarding knowledge and technology transfer;
  • Shared organisation of brokerage events with industry, stakeholders and policy makers and other events for the promotion of ESFRI RIs;
  • Harmonisation of access systems among ESFRI RIs to facilitate service provision for RI users;

Such developments involve plans for coordinated activities to promote EU RIs and the organisation of matching events with funders and policy makers (EU, JPIs, ERA-NETs, Euromarine, Tara Oceans), shared knowledge and technological development and dissemination, as well as shared training of technical and administrative RI staff.

Collaboration with US & Canada

Collaboration with CPMR

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